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About us

Papadopoulos Plastic Profiles S.A., is manufacturing plastic profiles for marine, technical  and  decorative applications.

The company founded in 1962 by John Papadopoulos and its first production was plastic pipes and decorative  profiles  for  suitcases  and shoes.
During the ’70s the company activated in the fields of fendering profiles for boats, plastic profiles for  aluminum windows and profiles for several technical applications.
In 1993 activated in the exports field with sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Albania and the European Union.

There are over 2.000 dies for the profiles production that are purposed for pleasure boats, offices partition, plastic gaskets for aluminum windows, complex glass partition, plastic skirting boards for offices and hospitals, wall bumpers for hospitals, plastic profiles for  the  interior and  exterior  of  motor  coaches,  expansion and water-tightness joints  for bridges,  concrete water tanks, athletic stadiums, docks and many other applications. 
It is also possible to construct  new  dies  for  any type of profile.

Our over 50 years long experience, the high quality of the raw materials and the solution on every technical problem of application, in every field of our activity, placed us first in choice of the most technical  companies   and shipyards in Greece and increased our exports, especially in the last 20 years.

The  company  is  member  of  the  Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Industries, the Association of Hellenic Marine Manufacturers and the Hellenic Subcontracting Association.

D fendering heavy duty profileextruder dieplastic weather stripping with pile for rolling shutters' guides

Extruding since 1962

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