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Technical application

Profiles for technical  applications

Our company produces a wide range of profiles for technical applications, made of PVC, PVC-NBR rubber compound or plastic compound with EPDM rubber physical properties.

Profiles for rolling shutters and sectional garage doors.

weather stripping rolling shutters guides

Weather stripping rolling shutters guides

weather stripping sectional doors guides

Weather stripping sectional doors guides

garage doors bottom seals

Garage doors bottom seals

Profiles for linoleum and PVC floors.

linoleum or pvc floor cove former strip

Linoleum or PVC floor cove former strip

linoleum or pvc floor edging strip

Linoleum or PVC floor edging strip

linoleum or pvc floor stairnosing

Linoleum or PVC floor stairnosing


wooden and metal door frame seals

Wooden and metal door frame seals

custom seals manufacturing

Custom seals manufacturing


waterstop 145mm waterstop 230mm

Various types of waterstops.

rolling shutters bottom seals

Rolling shutters bottom seals

linoleum or pvc floor flexible pvc skirting

Linoleum or PVC floor flexible PVC skirting

various types of seals

Various types of seals

waterstop 240mm
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